Photographing silver jewellery on a white background

It’s Etsy Mentor Month, this is a team project where we pair up with another team member and help each other build a better shop. As photographs play a large part in having a fantastic shop it’s very important to get them right.

I have struggled for a long time to get good photographs of my handpainted ceramics on a white background, and also my silver jewellery on white. I know silver looks great on lots of coloured backgrounds but I’m trying to get a more coheisive look to my shop and as I sell such a wide range of items, like my handpainted bowls, fused glass items, as well as jewellery in a whole host of colours I’m trying to stick to white as a background.

Alina of AlinaandT  on Etsy has made a great, easy to follow tutorial  about photographing jewellery so I decided to take this a step further and try to get a good photo of my silver pendant on a white background.

I only have very basic editing software, Office Picture Manager, which comes with the Microsoft Office package, I find it easy to use compared to other photo editing software that I’ve tried so I thought I’d have a go, perseverence paid off and so I thought I’d share how I edited my photo to get the silver to look good on a white background.
PPhotographing silver on whiteendant collage

Click on the image to see a larger version in Flickr.

  • The first image is just as it was taken but cropped, you can see the white background looks grey.
  • The second image is adjusted using the ‘auto correct’ button.
  • I corrected the white background on the third image using the ‘enhance colour’ button.
  • Next I increased the tonal contrast, but it’s looking a bit yellow in the reflections now.
  • I reduced the colour saturation a little to lose some of the yellow.
  • The last picture is the final cropped image, sterling silver landscape pendant on a white background.

That’s one image sorted, it now needs to be listed in my shop and there’s a lot more photo’s to go!


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