Felted slippers saga!

If you follow me on Facebook you will know that I tried making some crochet, felted slippers. They were a bit of a disaster, firstly I have never been good at crochet, being left handed I never got the hang of it and taught myself to do it by putting the yarn around the hook like knitting. I found a simple well written pattern but I couldn’t find the wool so I improvised with another brand of double knitting yarn. This was a big mistake, it turned out to be the best machine wash wool ever invented, even boiling the slippers wouldn’t shrink them.

I can’t even give the slippers to big foot, as one is bigger than the other, my tension was off! So they are destined to become shoe polishing mitts!

So being someone who doesn’t like to be beaten I decided to have a go at some knitted felted booties using a yarn I used for the beret so I know it will felt well.

They grew very quickly and I was beginning to wonder if they would ever stop growing.
P1110486Once they were sewn up I was more than a little concerned, I couldn’t see how they would shrink enough as they were enormous. Ah well I could always use them as Christmas stockings!

before felting (1 of 1)Well I needent have concerned myself, they came out the washing machine perfectly felted and they will keep my toes cosy this winter. I might even make another pair.

felted slippers (1 of 1)


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3 Responses to Felted slippers saga!

  1. Helen says:

    They look fabulous, Jill!

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