Let me introduce IzzyBeads

It’s raining here and I’m jam making, more on that to follow, but I just wanted to show you the work of fellow Craft Pimp team member Laney of IzzyBeads. Laney is a very talented glass sculptor , she has a great sense of humour and her animals always brings a smile, just the ticket to brighten up the day.

Click on the image to see more of Laney’s wonderful work

izzybeadsTreasury curated by Nemeton


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4 Responses to Let me introduce IzzyBeads

  1. Heeheheheheheeh its all about me me ME…thank you my lovely xx

  2. Faith Bowman says:

    brilliant – Laney is a wonderful glass artist and a lovely person – she is very talented xx

  3. April Kirk says:

    Superb sculptures, and a really lovely lady. Thanks for being my friend.

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