Blackberry and apple jam making

Homemade blackberry and apple jam.


blackberry jamWe decided to make the most of a sunny day and go blackberry picking. A few hours later I had nearly 6 lbs of blackberries, and I had some windfalls from my apple trees so I decided to make blackberry and apple jam.

Oh, where are all the jam jars when you need them, so I had to buy Kilner jars which was a bit of a shock to the purse but at least I will have jars for next year.Jill @ Kiln Fired Art makes jam

Out came my Gran’s trusty cookbook and I found a recipe for a rather huge amount of jam, they must have eaten a lot of preserves in those days but they didn’t have freezers.

Everything went into my big stock pot and bubbled away stirring to prevent burning. Eventually it reduced down and it was time to test the set. I had a plate in the freezer chilling down, at least I had remembered something from home economics class!Jam making preserves from Jill @ Kiln Fired Art

So to test for a set you put some jam on the So to test for a set you put some jam on the cold plate and put it in the freezer for a miniute or two, when you draw your finger over the jam it should wrinkle if it is set. If it’s still runny it has to be boiled a bit longer but take into consideration the time that it has been boiling while you were testing for a set so just keep testing it.

blackberry jamhomemade jam

Once ready put into the warmed sterilised jars Once ready put into the warmed sterilised jars and seal, as the jam cools a vacuum will form inside the jar. It does taste of Autumn but the seeds are a bit of a bother, so next time I might strain them and make a blackberry jelly.
I saw a damson tree on my walk so I think I’ll be making damson jam next, and sloe gin too!


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