Birch inspired boxes

Wednesday – texture talk.

If it’s Wednesday then I’m talking about textures, but it’s more than that. I’m really fascinated by the design process, what does on in a designers head between seeing something inspirational and producing a finished product. So I’m showing you an insight into my process. Today’s texture inspiration comes from this birch tree, as you can see there are some pretty amazing testures and colours to inspire. I love the peaches, purples and greens, and the craggy bark texutes agains the soft velvety mossy texture.
birch1Knots in wood are just gorgeous, here a branch has been sawn off, and I like the horizontal lines in the bark and the way the colour is working behind, almost like 2 things going on at once.
birch2birch wcNext came a few pencil doodles andout came my craft paints and I added some colour and texture, just to get some ideas going in my head. I wouldn’t normally show these to anyone so feel priveleged 🙂

As a porcelain artist I like to work with both applied and implied texture, I really do have a thing for texture. We are lucky to have quite a range of raised pastes, enamels, glass etc that we can use for raised texture, each bringing it’s own qualities to the work. Also implied texture using enamel or lustre painted in a way to make it look textured. Abit of brain storming helped me decide what to use for my boxes.
birch brainstormingThen after a few test fires on tiles to see what worked,firing temperatures etc I knew where I was going with my designs. Here are the finished trinket boxes. These are really small boxes only about 1.5 inches in diameter .
image001aThe first box has fibre glass fired onto it, and I-relief, which is a raised paste with a fairly coarse texture. Then painted with satin metallic overglaze enamel in peach and copper, and bright gold was painted over the I-relief.

image001The second box has lustre textured with thinners, raised texture from I-relief and coloured enamel, which is more glassy in texture, and satin gold lustre.

image001bThe third box has enamel applied with a palette knife, lustre dribbled with thinners, and sponging, then some gold penwork detail.

These little porcelain boxes were each fired 3 or 4 times to build up the designs.

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10 Responses to Birch inspired boxes

  1. Gorgeous textures Jill 🙂

  2. Julia Durrant says:

    Absolutely stunning boxes Jill. I love the colour and texture of them and they really sing of autumn colour.

  3. Patricia in Maryland, USA says:

    Love the textures! What does “Meths” mean in the lustre diagram? Is that dispersing fluid?

  4. Jo says:

    Stunning work Jill, I love your sketches too

  5. Vic says:

    Beautiful boxes Jill, I love the last one.

  6. The boxes are beautiful and always interesting to hear how you make them.

  7. Nicola says:

    Absolutely wonderful insight. x

  8. I love the paintings. They’re very expressive and free. Beautiful work.

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