Foodie Friday- A load of Bullace!

bullacesHa, I had to say that! So what are bullaces and what can I do with them?

Well I found out that wild plums are called bullaces when I was looking for cooking ideas having picked a 10 pound bag  a few days ago, they are like damsons but not as purple, more the colour of a Victoria plum really.

Firstly I made some jam, and chutney with apples from the garden, then we had them stewed with apples a couple of times, but you have to stew the bullaces first and sieve out the stones. I think they would be good with apples in a crumble or the bottom of a steamed pudding, a ginger one would be great.

Bullace lolliesMy favourite ideas were lollypops, they were the most amazingly fruity plummy lollies I’ve ever had.

Bullace frozen yogurtBut first prize for deliciousness goes to bullace fro yo. I’m into frozen yogurt and I’ve tried a few variations over the summer but this was the best by far. The texture of both the frozen yogurt and the lollies were lovely, probably due to the amount of sugar in the bullace puree, so I better get out there and do some gardening to work it off.


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