Painting with a limited palette

One of the simplest ways of achieving a harmonious watercolour is to use a limited palette. A really useful exercise is to paint a number of colour wheels using 3 colours so you can instantly see which would be the best choice of colours for your painting. As you can see from the colour wheels below some may be more suited to the English landscape, others would work better for say a Mediterranean scene.

 Cadmium red, ultramarine and yellow ochre
limitedpalette6Cadmium red, ultramarine and cadmium yellowc&g 195Light red, ultramarine and raw siennac&g 196Alizarin crimson, ultramarine, and raw sienna limited palette3Ultramarine, burnt sienna, and yellow ochrelimited palette2Cadmium red, ultramarine and yellow ochrelimited palette1

I think you will agree there’s nothing boring about working with a limited palette.


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