Foodie Friday – Cabbage soup

I love cabbage soup, it’s so simple, filling, cheap to make, warming and comforting. Oh I forgot to mention it’s the dieters friend, and that’s how I started making it.

My cabbage soup is made by firstly spraying my pan with olive oil, then I saute a chopped onion , then I add chopped carrots and potatoes, some vegetable stock, freshly ground black pepper and my secret ingredient, hot smoked paprika, this gives it that smoky bacon flavour without the bacon, and a bit of warming heat. When the veg are soft I blitz with the hand blender, then add half a cabbage, shredded, and simmer until just tender.

Now I can’t wait for my lunch
Cabbage soup


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4 Responses to Foodie Friday – Cabbage soup

  1. Sue Thomas says:

    Thanks Jill, it looks very good, especially to a cabbage lover like me. Not only is this low-cal, it is high nutrition. It is getting cooler here in the southern U.S. so I’ll be making this for lunch soon.
    I’m really enjoying your daily posts even though I can’t always find time to comment.
    Thanks again for all of the inspiration – not often you can have someone inspire your artistic yearnings, and end up with a great bowl of soup too!

    • eganj1 says:

      Hi Sue, thank you for your lovely comments, it’s nice to know people enjoy reading my blog. I do love writing and sharing my creative side.
      Enjoy your soup :0)

  2. Nicola says:

    oh I could just eat that, like… RIGHT NOW!

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