Day 21 of Blogtoberfest

It’s day 21 today of Blogtoberfest today and I’m still going. It’s been a bit of a manic week this week, with household and personal stuff that is. But I allowed myself a few minutes  to brush some undergazes onto some of the bisque pendants, I think I will be ordering some more colours but I love these blue and white pieces, and I think they will be left bisque, what do you think?

ceramic jewellery


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6 Responses to Day 21 of Blogtoberfest

  1. Jill Varga says:

    I have really enjoyed your daily blogging. Your underglazing looks great. I especially like the lace look one.

    • eganj1 says:

      Thanks Jill, those are my favourites too. I’d love to do some lace beads too but so far i haven’t been happy with the impression. Any ideas?

      • Jill Varga says:

        If I were trying to imprint lace or any texture onto a bead I would make the bead and while soft, but not sloppy, roll it across a piece of lace. It would work best with a sate stick, or tooth pick in the hole, allowing the bead to move freely across the lace as it turned. I haven’t done it yet, but will try when I get back to clay work.

      • eganj1 says:

        That’s how I did it but it wasn’t very successful, i will have to try again. I’ve a feeling the bead wasn’t hard enough.

  2. Jill Varga says:

    It may work better on rod shaped beads, rather than spherical ones. Have you tried using tulle wrapped around a bead and gently tightened until the clay starts to bulge through the holes? These come out looking a bit like blackberries. Well the same principle may apply through a very open lace pattern.

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