Why I buy handmade

j munnionI often see posts on Facebook and the like with suggestions as to why we should by handmade, and I’m in agreement, but I’ve not seen what is for me the biggest reason I buy handmade pieces from artisans, and that is the memories each piece evokes.

So when I’m dusting, or whatever, and I look at my Jim Munnion wood block print I’m transported back to Christmas in Bath.

I dust my raku pig, “First pig of the year” and I’m in the Brewery Arts centre in Cirencester, then lots of memories of living in Wiltshire come flooding back to me.

a lowrey

Looking at this watercolour by Arnold Lowrey I’m at Urchfont Manor, having a blast.

Of course it’s not just the pictures that have fond memories and stories attached to them, so do the ceramics, jewellery, cushions etc. Now that’s not something that happens with items bought from the high street chainstores, and I’m not going to go to a neighbours house and find the same picture on her wall. So buy handmade, as each item has it’s own story to tell.


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