Recycled bird feeders- A Craft Pimp challenge

The Craft Pimp  January challenge is to make a bird feeder from recycled materials. This is a fab idea and I love encouraging wildlife into my garden and it’s a great way to interest children in wildlife.The RSPB have a great bird identifier which is easy to use.

I had lots of rather fancy ideas but none would stand up to the weather in my garden. I know we have had a lot of wet and windy weather but it’s always windy in my exposed garden, and wet more often than not.

So out went the idea of seed feeders made from empty tonic water bottles, or try type feeders. My feeder needs something to stop the seed blowing away and something to keep it dry, the obvious choice was seed in fat and eventually I realised that for my garden simplicity was best , not that it would win any challenges though but practical wins in my garden so I set to making the old yoghurt pot seed feeders that I made as a kid, probably seen on Blue Peter.

I thought if I just poked the string through and knotted it that a lot of swinging in the wind might make the pot come off so I slotted the ends through a button inside the pot. I had some seed already and some butter left over from Christmas, lucky bird eh!

Craft Pimp challenge recycled bird feeders
Here they are being eyed up already, is it a Coal tit, Marsh tit or Willow tit?

tit on recycled bird feeder


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