Operation studio tidy up

I’ve procrastinated long enough about the garden studio, and this really wet and windy weather made me think twice about wanting to go into the garden to work. So I decided it was time for a workroom tidy up and reorganisation to see if the room can function as a studio.

So here it is, but before the tidy I had family members stuff like amplifiers, and a bed to work around, as well as a lot of plastic storage boxes in the middle of the floor.
studio tidy upThis is my painting area and workbench,  under the north facing window. I’ve discovered this is a great place for taking photo’s too.


studio tidy upEvery crafter needs some big drawers, these are the best storage solution for my porcelain blanks and a host of other stuff. The bookcase still needs filling up with my art and craft books.
studio tidy up


I’ve introduced this old drop leaf table to use as a packaging and photography area. I intend keeping this table clear of ‘stuff’.


Talking of packaging, the 3 humongous rolls of bubble wrap and packing boxes have made it into the guest room as I haven’t found a storage solution for them, maybe a slot cut in the ceiling could work like a toilet roll dispenser, only joking!

 ————————————studio tidy up

This is my storage solution for efficiently working in different media, everything ( almost) I need is in it’s own box, so all I need to do is bring out the right box, of course it’s always the one on the bottom , but it’s exercise!


So what’s left to do? I have to find a better tool storage system for my bench, I’ve bought some cup hooks for hanging files and some clips for the Fordom and Dremel, and I think some peg board at the back would be useful. If you have any ideas I’d love to hear them.

Next job is to tackle the kiln / torching room aka the utility room!


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One Response to Operation studio tidy up

  1. ladyflowersbysusan says:

    I was recently deeply inspired by another crafter’s admission that she had only a 2″ working space on the edge of her work table as it was piled so high with stuff. I spent four days organizing my beading stuff, putting every single item in its own place. Fortunately I had a tote of new containers to use. I am in the process of organizing my polymer clay table, aka my dining table. It feels so very good to get organized! I sat down and made a necklace I’d found the parts to in my “pile” and it was a joy to work using the whole beading table.

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