52 inspirational photo’s- week 5

lichens on a treeI was walking into town the other day and the sun was hitting the bark of this tree in the park, it looked so rich and textural, furry and velvety, it instantly made me think of embroidery and textiles. There are times when I think I wish I still worked with textiles. But I didn’t have my camera with me, so the next time I went into town I took my camera, but the bark didn’t look quite so inspirational, the light wasn’t ‘just right’. So I’ve taken the liberty to play with the photo and electronically enhance it. I do love the colours and textures, and now I’m thinking how I could interpret it in clay


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5 Responses to 52 inspirational photo’s- week 5

  1. Gorgeous. I am a fungi, moss and lichen junkie. These textures and colours are fab.

  2. Beautiful, we live in the woods here in Missouri and in the spring I often go out and look for inspirational photos similiar-they are just full of textures and idea.

  3. Heather M says:

    Nature gives us the most perfect color and texture inspiration indeed.

  4. ladyflowersbysusan says:

    I have written a haiku to go with your photo:

    winter solstice
    in its glory

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