Going with the flow- hare painting on glass

When I did my first glass fusing course I was blown away when I realised the possibilities of combining fusing and glass painting, the new possibilities that I didn’t have painting with porcelain especially the 3 dimensional qualities of working with glass, in the form of layering, and the play of light on the glass, cast shadows etc.

I’ve had an idea in my head for a long time to paint one of my hares on glass, I’ve gone over the making/painting of it in my head so many times, using inclusions to add textural detail to the foreground and painting the hare as I would on porcelain, then finally painting on the back side of the piece which would be seen through the glass giving depth to the piece.

So I set to work, I did my fusing with inclusions, my painting, then slumping. On the morning I took the piece out of the kiln I put it on the kitchen window sill to observe it while I made breakfast. The rain was lashing down outside and the wind blowing a hooly and the bush behind the piece was swaying about like crazy. I soon realised that this painting needed nothing more, the fact that the outside world could be seen through my painting actually animated the piece, so it was time to just leave it alone, it didn’t need anything more.

I’ve had a bit of fun photographing it in different positions around the house, and even caught the sunset last evening. If you follow me on Facebook you will have seen these already.

painting with enamels on glass

hare painting on glass

glass painting

hare painting at sunsetThis one is a keeper but I’m working on a range now for my shop and the up and coming Spring events.


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10 Responses to Going with the flow- hare painting on glass

  1. artyshroo says:

    You are so completely right – the fact that one can see the natural world through the glass adds such life to this…a sense of a moment held in time that could leap free in a micro second. I love this – not just for the beautiful subject, but for the technique. Any chance of a few close-ups? I’d love to see some of those inclusions. Wonderful work and a great post, thoroughly enjoyed – best wishes from Shroo:)x


  2. BRIQUET Francoise says:

    You photos are a hit with all the backgraounds decors.
    I love your hare

  3. eganj1 says:

    Will get some closeup pictures soon

  4. wirednan says:

    He is gorgeous, especially with the outdoors behind him. The sunset picture is stunning! I can see why he is a keeper but I’ll be anxious to see what you come up to sell.

  5. Heather M says:

    I love it! Definitely making me itch for spring!

  6. Oh, wow! This is such a beautiful effect, and the hare is stunning.You can almost see his whiskers twitching. I’m excited to see what you create tor your shop. I’m adding this one to my ‘Talented Friends’ Pinterest board:)

  7. sarah summers says:


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  9. wendy says:

    he is amazing, great job. I’d love a kiln, I’ve been investigating it but the choice is overwhelming

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