Getting the hang of the Silhouette Cameo, or not!

A few months ago I discovered the magical Silhouette Cameo and all it can do, the more I thought about it the more ideas I had for using it so I splashed out on my much deserved present to myself.

Now what I want to do is use it with my own designs, but that’s not as simple as downloading bought designs, I’m fairly computer challenged and I only have the basic drawing software that comes with Windows. But one thing I have a lot of is patience.

After a bit of Googling I came across Under a Cherry Tree blog, which has an amazing post showing how you could draw sketches with the Cameo, I was totally amazed and I could see how I could do a drawing once then replicate it and use it in my work. So I ordered the pen holders from  Chomas Creations, and they swiftly arrived.

So the next step was to scan my original drawing and send it to the Cameo, but it didn’t turn out as easy as I hoped, I could get the Cameo to recognise the outside edge of the lines in my drawing but it wouldn’t sketch on the line, this is how it looked.
hare head drawing 3 001I asked my Cameo owning friends for advice but it just wouldn’t work so I contacted Amy Chomas who very kindly sent me a  link filling fonts.

It worked, three days later I had a hare head drawing LOL!

So I’ve had a bit of a play to make sure I don’t forget how to do this 😉 and I’ve added some watercolour,  it’s not quite what I’m after yet , now I need to track down the graphite gel pen which doesn’t seem to have made it to the UK yet. I’ll just keep on trucking, I will get there eventually.
blue tit


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4 Responses to Getting the hang of the Silhouette Cameo, or not!

  1. I’ve been looking forward to seeing what you were up to Jill! I love your drawings, they look even more amazing with colour! Can’t wait to see more x

  2. This is amazing, I’ve never heard of it before.

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