Inclusions in glass

Just a quick post today, I’m having internet problems. Artyshroo asked to see some close up photo’s of the glass inclusions in my hare painting  posted last week.

I used bubble powder, mica flakes, glass frit and the fine reddish lines are some recycled wire material not sure what it would normally be used for but it’s as fine as hair.
inclusions 1

This is over a blue background so maybe you can see the silver mica more clearly

glass inclusions


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8 Responses to Inclusions in glass

  1. Annie Nowak says:

    Wow no wonder you find it exciting! Love seeing the fine detail in people’s work, it’s fascinating to see how they create.

  2. Beth P says:

    I love all those inclusions! Glass is one thing I have yet to play with, nowhere to set up for it but one of these days as it’s still on my list of “to do”! LOL!
    Beth P

  3. kathyinozarks says:

    Your work is so beautiful

  4. This is a lovely effect!

    I’m still working through all the blogs from GYB. A little over 1/3 of the way through. Please feel free to visit my embroidery blog. (I’m in the 1st set on the list.)


    • eganj1 says:

      Hi, thanks for coming over to my blog, I’ve tried to leave a comment on yours but I can’t for some reason. I am following you thouh with Bloglovin

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