Mending a hole in my felted slippers

If you are a regular follower of my blog you will probably remember I made some felted slippers last September. Living in a house with a lot of cold tiled floors I wore them constantly until disaster struck and my toe came through, and on close inspection the other one was about to go through as well. I was pretty disappointed as they are so warm and comfy and the rest of the slippers are in a reasonable state.

mending a hole in felted slippersI decided to try and needle felt the holes, not having needle felted before I went to the ever useful Youtube to find out how to do it, and ordered a needle felting tool from Ebay which took for ever to get here.

Needle felting seems to be done over fabric or an already felted item so I decided to do some darning over the holes to felt onto.

needle felting a holeIt seemed to work ok but I must have been over zealous with my Chinese felting tool because I found the points of 2 broken needles inside my slippers, just as well I didn’t get them in my toes, so I duly counted all the needles to make sure there weren’t any hidden surprises lurking in my slippers.

So they went in the washing machine which felted them further, and I’m wearing them as I write, lets hope they hold out until the weather warms up.
meded felt slippers

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5 Responses to Mending a hole in my felted slippers

  1. Sue Harris says:

    Good idea 🙂 I’ve not tried needle felting

  2. wendy says:

    it’s good that you noticed or you would have had a very painful accident! you could have just put some roving in the hole and needlefelted it to the sides of the hole, then in middle, though your method seems to have worked really well

  3. Carol Cook says:

    I have never seen felted slippers. They sound comfy for wearing on my wood floors. I must look into some.

    I am glad you were able to repair them and didn’t stick your foot into the needles.

  4. eganj1 says:

    very cozy to wear, if you look at my original post about making them there should be a link to the pattern, its free from the wool manufacturer

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