Leftover chicken mushroom and leek pie with a parsnip rosti topping

There seems to be so many TV chefs telling us what to do with our leftovers  to make our money go further, this got me thinking, especially when fresh tarragon was called for, all due respect to Michele but it’s not something many of us have in our fridges is it?

I might be showing my age but getting 3 meals form a roast chicken is something I’ve always done. Roast on Sunday, then a curry, pie, stew, stir fry, fried rice, or pasta dish on Monday, and I always made stock from the bones to freeze for soup making.

Now there are two of us at home so a chicken can go even further, this week we had a roast dinner, a chicken dhansak made with my own low fat curry sauce from the freezer , ( we are healthy eating), and I made a low cal chicken chowder which gave 4 servings. There was still some chicken left and I got to thinking about a chicken leek and mushroom pie that I used to make when the kids were at home. I decided to see if I could do something to make it a bit more healthy using a rosti style topping, so here it is.

This is what was lurking in the fridge, I didn’t use the onion and only one parsnip in the end.

P1130919The parsnip was peeled and grated, then black pepper , a tablespoon of flour and a drizzle of oil was added to bring it together a bit, (that’s technical talk 😉 )

The chopped leek and mushrooms were softened in a tiny bit of oil, then simmered in some milk ( use something creamy if you aren’t eating low fat ) with some pepper and 1/2 , vegetable stock cube. Then the sauce was thickened with a bit of cornflour mixed with some milk. The chopped chicken was added and heat through.

I could quite happily stir this through some pasta and eat.
P1130926The parsnip mix was spread over the top and baked at 180C for 20 minutes ’til golden

chicken leek, mushroom pie with parsnip rosti toppingThe verdict : it was very tasty but you need to love parsnips as it was quite sweet and, well parsnipy! My OH said he enjoyed it so it will be worth doing again, maybe with potato or swede added to the topping so it’s not so sweet.

I think the parsnip mix with some curry powder and chopped spring onions and made into little patties would be quite interesting too, kind of a healthy parsnip baji .

It’s still no substitute for a pie with pastry but comforting non the less.


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One Response to Leftover chicken mushroom and leek pie with a parsnip rosti topping

  1. Love the parsnip ideas! One veg my other half actually likes!:)

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