Cutting birthday cards

Well it’s Sunday, again! I really don’t know where this week has gone. I was planning on showing you some of my new work but I haven’t done any yet, everyday life has kept getting in the way this week.

And some tasks that I thought would take a few moments turned into 2 day projects, but at least I’m learning how to use my Cameo. I’ve a few birthdays coming up so I thought I should make some cards, it’s really easy to buy a design from Silhouette for less than a dollar, then it’s sent to your machine ready to cut, simples!

I was unsure what type of card I had so setting the blade was a bit of  guesswork, the design wasn’t cutting cleanly even with a double cut, eventually I cleaned the blade and set it on a less deep, double cut and it worked.

Here’s a finished card with a white insert, and I made the envelope. I have made a few cards but I haven’t stuck them yet, my glue stick turned out to be pink, not white so I don’t want to risk spoiling the cards after all the effort that went into them.


I decided I wanted to personalise the insides of the cards so I printed out an insert, which meant using the print option, and learning how to colour in. I also personalised the messages inside with friend’s names.

I decided to have a go at altering the card as I wanted to include a 60 in one of my cards. I’d watched a Youtube video that taught me how to release the compound path to separate all the cut elements so I could delete a flower and replace it with the numbers.  I think it will look rather pretty when it’s finished , I’m feeling rather pleased with myself that I got there eventually, even if it took me 2 days!



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2 Responses to Cutting birthday cards

  1. This looks marvelous. D’you know I had no idea those machines could do this sort of thing! I’m such a Luddite with my old scalpel!:)

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