New work-lustre bowls

Some ‘Seeds and leaves’ range lustre bowls painted this week. Lustres are what I describe as ‘very lively’, they are difficult to photograph and you can’t capture the play of light in a still photo. They have some iridescence, which I have managed to capture in one view, and they are very reflective and catch the light. It’s hard to imagine the colours were all brown and treacle like when I painted the bowls, (and they smell like dreadful). The alchemy happens during the firing process,  they are always a wonder to me, but not always in a good way.

lustre bowls collageEnjoy your Sunday, I have some garden birds to finish painting.


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2 Responses to New work-lustre bowls

  1. The lustre is gorgeous on both of the bowls, I do love the thistle heads (I hope thats what they are!)

    Enjoy your Sunday painting! Elaine x

  2. Sue Reynolds says:

    Sigh, I want one soooooo much! Gorgeous work:)

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