Eat, drink, craft and be merry!

Some photo’s from last weekend when my friend came over for a crafty weekend. The plan was to take lots of photo’s over the weekend but I forgot.

We are all eating low fat but I found some recipes that were just as delicious as not so healthy versions , in fact it was hard to believe they were low fat.

Fish pie fillets

The main was based on fish pie fillets from BBC Good Food, but I used salmon instead of haddock, and low fat Philadelphia with garlic and herbs, and I didn’t add any parmesan. I made them the day before ready to go in the oven, but I forgot to take a photo after they were cooked.

Chocolate brownie with raspberries and evap ice cream.
P1140169This pud was to die for the low fat chocolate brownie was warm and squidgy just as it should be, you would never guess it was low fat and made with yogurt. The evaporated milk ice cream is something I discovered at Christmas and it works a treat, it’s just whisked up evaporated milk , ( I add a little golden syrup), then it’s frozen. It’s a soft scoop ice cream. The pud looked lovely on the plate with some raspberries but once again I forgot to get a picture. You will just have to make it yourself to find out how good it is.
I always do scones for our weekends with friends, these were made with oil instead of butter.
P1140172And Jean always brings one of her famous chicken curries, it was delish as ever.

Ella’s bowls

On the crafting front we had a slight change of plan, my friend’s neighbour sadly passed away and her daughter gave J some crochet doily’s so we made bowls, tea lights, and some beads.
P1140182Oh, I explored the possibilities of hooky and proggy mats and decided to go with the proggy version but that will have to wait for another post as I only did a tiny bit.

The sun even came out and we managed a couple of walks, and the farmer had some new deliveries which rounded off a fantastic weekend.


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3 Responses to Eat, drink, craft and be merry!

  1. Sounds like a fun time to me! Food, friends, crafting and walking. The baby lambs are adorable, the perfect topper to the day.

  2. eganj1 says:

    yes the lambs are very cute, I can watch them from the kitchen sink which makes washing up more enjoyable

  3. Looks like great fun. I’d love to try the ice cream idea – but sadly can’t manage the dairy:(. Gorgeous lambs – saw our first this week!

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