Lazy Sunday- why I love my blog reader

lambsIt’s been quite a busy week what with a trip to London, and having the builders in, and a lovely 12 k walk yesterday. The highlight was seeing a roe deer before it saw me, sadly no pictures but I have got some gorgeous lambs to make yo go ahhh on Mothers Day.
lambsYes I know, this is a post about blog readers, so here we go.

A little while ago I started using Bloglovin to keep track of all the blogs I follow. I get a daily email with updates, and I’ve gotten into a bit of a ritual on Sunday mornings, I take my breakfast back to bed with me, with lots of coffee and read the blogs I follow. It’s like having a magazine tailor made just for me with all the things I find interesting. In fact I no longer limit this activity just to Sundays 🙂

Here are some links to my favourite blog posts this week. And thank you bloggers for making my morning read very enjoyable. So grab a coffee, have a read and enjoy, Happy Mother’s Day.

Click on the links below to go to the blogs

Life with Izzybeads

Art Jewelry Elements

Art and Sand

Art Bead Scene

Attic 24

Cornish Dragon

My New Roots

Nancy Nicholson

The Gossiping Goddess

This Rawsome Vegan Life



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One Response to Lazy Sunday- why I love my blog reader

  1. thanks for the links-I love Izzybeads off to check out some of these creative people

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