New from Kiln Fired Art – Wonky Pots

I almost forgot to write my blog post this morning, I’ve been too busy having fun with clay,  and I’ve got the builders in doing some alterations. I’m not sure if I’m coming or going at times, I can’t find anything and there are boxes of stuff all over the house now, but it will be worth it in the end, more about that later.

So what have I been playing with while the builders are in? It’s been a bit dusty so I’ve put my brushes away and I’ve been hand building ceramic vessels which I’ve christened Wonky Pots, I’m not sure if I will keep that name or change it, but I do like the character that you only get with a hand built pot.

Wonky pots collageYou might not be able to tell what’s what from the photo, one of the small white bowls is agateware and the other has random dots and some of Ella’s doily imprinted. The little vases are for my craft fair next weekend, the little black bowl has Ella’s doily as do the pendants. The larger pieces at the back are for my kitchen, the rectangular piece, should it survive firing is a utensil pot, and there is a matching jug and vase to adorn my window sill. I think I could be a bit optimistic as I’m not sure what will happen in firing, the jug handle is a bit suspect. I’ll let you know how they fire, keep your fingers crossed for me.


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