A mish mash of a post

The strange few days continue, the bathroom is coming along, tiles grouted and suite going in today so I’m without water. It’s surprising how many things you decide you would like to do that involve water. I got a load of vegetables out to make a chilli but I couldn’t wash them. I was out when it went off or I would have filled some pans.  My kiln was turned on this morning but seeing they had to pull the washing machine out to turn the water off I’ve had to turn the kiln off, I didn’t want to risk melting the washer door, or burning the plumber.

I have managed to paint some hares on a bowl today, it occurred to me I’ve shown the finished boxing hares painting but not the process so the one on the left shows the first fire, the one on the right has more overglaze enamel on it, and now it will be painted with a wash of lustre.


work in progress from Kiln Fired Art

I do have my stock all priced up for the weekends craft fair, so I’m ahead there. Just as well as I’m feeling a bit tired, didn’t sleep well for a few aches and pains. I went to the gym yesterday for the first time in my life, and I go again tomorrow. I really need a lie in to recover but no chance. It was ok though but some of the machines might take a bit of getting used to.

Wonky Pots, new from Kiln Fired Art

I fired the flax clay pieces earlier this week so here they are, hopefully the other pieces will be bisque fired tomorrow, builders permitting.

tea light

Wonky Pots range, new from Kiln Fired Art

The builders have just left, here’s how the shower room looks now the sanitary ware has gone in, it’s looking great.



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2 Responses to A mish mash of a post

  1. Sorry to hear of your problems, hope it’s sorted soon – the shower room looks lovely. Well done on the gym. I forced myself to go when I was in the career job, but I hated it really, glad to be back walking again these days! Your hare piece is fab and the others look pretty amazing too. Good luck with your Craft Fair!

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