River walk

I do miss living in Grassington and the ability to head down to the river Wharfe for inspiration, it is one of my special places. But I had a trip down to the local river bank to see what inspired me there.

I came back wanting to paint watercolour landscapes.


The lambs are growing fast, I wanted to give this cute fella a hug.


We saw a great variety of birds, including a heron, dipper, yellow wagtail, sand martins, a buzzard, crows, swallows, tree creeper, ducks and a goosander, unfortunately none would pose nicely for the camera but I did get this shot of the later identified goosander, and some swallows having a rest . I love listening to their constant twittering on, I just wish I knew what they were saying.



The bank was a delight covered in primroses and bluebells, and the gorse was filling the air with the sweet scent of coconut suntan lotion. I’m sure the flowers would make a great natural dye, my Gran used to do paste eggs with them.




I had to go up the beck to see if I could find any frog spawn but it must be too early. What I did find was a very distressed lamb and mother, somehow the lamb was on the other side of the stream so I gently coaxed them along to the bridge and they were reunited in the end.



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One Response to River walk

  1. Chris says:

    What a beautiful part of the world you live in so very green, a complete contrast to my area of outback Australia.

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