They survived the bisque fire

My ‘Wonky Pots’ survived the bisque firing, if you have been following along you will know I’m making these for my kitchen. I can’t decide on a glaze, they are stoneware but so far I haven’t had a lot of luck with blue stoneware glazes, they always come out grey , I have a white one so I might use some blue stain on the relief design and hope it shows through. If you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them


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4 Responses to They survived the bisque fire

  1. marci blattenberger says:

    These look great, girl ! AS far as color, have you thought of trying underglaze color ? I have a slightly different working process since I once fire rather than bisque firing the clay .. but the process should be similar for you .In some of the pieces I make , I will wait for the clay to dry , then paint them with underglaze colors watered down like watercolors . The colors settle more into the crevices of the design and get lighter near the surface so I get a nice dark-light color variation .. and with underglaze, the palette is nearly as limitless as with chinapaints. ( pinks are a little problematic.. but there are some nice purples that actually look very pink )
    i then clear glaze on top of that and fire the whole shebang up to cone 6. ( again , no bisque firing of the clay.. the raw clay, underglaze and glaze all are fired at the same time )
    You should be able to do something similar to this with your bisqued pots except that you might have to soft fire ( to about overglaze temps) the underglaze colors before you glaze the pots because the color wont sink into the clay like it does with the raw clay , so it would need to be hardened on … and then a clear glaze on top . You can also add the underglaze to the clear glaze.
    Have you hand formed the pitcher and cup or are they wheel thrown ? The visual balance on the handle looks great .

    • eganj1 says:

      Marci, I didn’t know you could once fire larger pieces. That’s how I was thinking of going only using this white glaze, I did a test on a pendantnd the blue still showed through.
      These are hand built, the shapes aren’t perfect and I deliberately left the join showing. I like the character of hand built and its a great contrast to porcelain painting. I was pleased with the jug, the rectangular utensil holder isn’t so good but they are my first attempt at hand building.

  2. marci says:

    Yes.. you can once fire anything .. its just a matter of firing slow enough that the clay can outgas before the glaze starts to seal . I really like these pieces.. and I think its clever to leave the joint showing .

  3. Linda Ricci says:

    Any transparent color will pool in your texture, usually deepen in color and give a nice coverage.
    I have a nice blue I use all the time. Your local pottery suppliers should have tests of their glazes on display to see the finished color.

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