My garden birds

I love watching the garden birds and I was surprised to see some blackbird fledglings already, but I was even more surprised to see one nesting in the log store. She’s using a sandwich bag left over from a builders lunch as a ground sheet, how clever is that.

I’m out every day checking up on her, and even with the builders laying paving right next to her she seems unperturbed.


I’ve also got a little house sparrow who I’ve named Narcissus as he has fallen in love with his own reflection in the log burner chimney. He has been rather active doing what budgies do to their reflections in their mirrors. He must be exhausted today as he’s just staring longingly at himself. Bless!


Just an update since I loaded the photo’s, sadly the blackbird’s eggs have been eaten, probably by the wood mice that live in the log store, oh well she still has time to raise another brood in a more secure place, and Narcissus must have found love as he hasn’t been admiring his reflection for a while.


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