Kerrera- peace, tranquilty, tea garden and wild goats

Kerrera is a small island off Oban, it only has about 35 inhabitants, and it’s only a few minutes on the small ferry.  It’s so unspoilt and peaceful you would think more people would live there but they have a problem with a fresh water supply.

We took a circular walk of the southern part of the island which is marked on the map we got from the ferryman, the paths were rugged but easy enough, if a bit muddy in places. What I loved about Kerrera was the stillness and the silence, apart from bird song.
P1140959I love this little cottage with it’s tiny windows facing the sea, it is called Barr-nam-boc in Gaelic.  I think it will be making it’s way into my artwork sometime.
There were lots of yellow flag irises on the island, and some interesting birds, but the highlight came at the end of our walk, so more later.
P1140967On route to the tea garden we passed Gylen castle which was a stronghold of the McDougall clan.
By this time we were ready for a drink and something to eat so the Tea Gardens were a welcome site, and very popular too, the homemade cakes were delish, I had the carrot cake and OH had the brownie.
I thought the triangular windows of the outbuildings were very quaint,  I noticed a ruined cottage with the same windows so it must be the local style.
There are several small coves to explore along the walk, I was hoping to find otters or seals but so far only cows
I saw something hanging from a rocky crag which looked like a dead goat, I will spare you the photo, then just as we were nearing the ferry landing we saw a herd of goats on the beach. One of the locals told me these are wild goats and it’s a rarity to see them so I feel very lucky indeed.

I loved Kerrera and will certainly return, I think the walk was probably about 12 miles as we walked from Oban harbour. Have a look here if you would like further information about Kerrera, the ferry and the walk, it really is a little gem.


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2 Responses to Kerrera- peace, tranquilty, tea garden and wild goats

  1. dingledel says:

    Lovely pics, stunning scenery.

  2. Helen says:

    Gorgeous! Love the cows, the goats and the triangular windows (and all the rest!)

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