Staffa and Fingal’s Cave

This is Staffa, isn’t it amazing?

This is Fingal’s Cave, which inspired Mendelssohn to write his overture, you might like to listen while you look at my photo’s. I have to say it made me very emotional when they played it on the boat.
Fingal's Cave

When I was about eight I read an encyclopaedia  at school which had 2 inspiring places I wanted to see, Fingal’s Cave and the Grand Canyon and I’ve now ticked both off my bucket list 🙂

Getting around the rocks to the cave was fairly easy as there was a wire hand rail, and we went on a dry day.

The hexagonal basalt columns are the same as Giant’s Causeway and they came about  when the molten basalt cooled.

Fingal's Cave

Mendelssohn and I aren’t the only people to have been moved by Fingal’s Cave, Wordsworth, Keats, Tennyson and Turner were also inspired by this amazing natural phenomena. This day will stay with me for ever.


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One Response to Staffa and Fingal’s Cave

  1. Judy Jaussaud says:

    Oh Jill! What a magical place to see and explore! I’m envious!!!

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