Nearly finished

We seem to have been working on the house now for ages, and there’s still work to do. The weather has been great but instead of being out enjoying the sunshine we are sanding and painting.  But the good news is the bedroom and shower room are almost finished, OH is busy as we speak, painting the pine skirtings and architrave with white satinwood. The light grey carpet is ordered and should be down next week, then we can move back in.
bedroom collage

bathroom collage

I have decided to keep the bedroom simple, neutral and calming, with accessory colours picked out from  a couple of pictures I bought when I was  delivering to a local gallery. I have been collecting weeds and grasses from the lane outside the house for some artwork that I want to make myself using clay and glass. I’d like to hand build a lamp too. Oh, I ordered some lovely frit and a draping mould too. I really can’t wait to get playing and these will be the first pieces I make in my new workshop in August.

Now I need some advice, as you can see my bedroom window is small but unusually shaped, I need help in dressing it. I’ve had draped voile in the past but as I’m sleeping better in a room with curtains I’d like something to block the light at night but not during the day.

I’ve looked at dorma rods but they would leave the top of the window uncovered which would look odd. I don’t think shutters would open because of the shape of the ceiling. So if you have any ideas I’d love to hear from you.



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3 Responses to Nearly finished

  1. Helen says:

    Looks gorgeous! And what a pretty window. But I see your problem. Maybe a blind that covers the whole aperture… But it would be awfully big 😦

  2. Carol Korros says:

    How impressive! Yes, the window is unusual and as of now, I can’t think of how to shade it but will keep thinking. I like the simplicity of the wood furnishings in the bedroom and the palette used in the bathroom. I look forward to seeing the finished project.

  3. dingledel says:

    Looking gorgeous! The only thing that comes to mind for the window covering is conservatory type, pleated blinds! Sorry, thinking cap on!

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