The studio is going up!

I’m so excited today as they started putting up the stud work for my studio. Now the framework is up I can see how it will look, and we decided on the position of the dividing internal wall, doors and windows.

The smaller room will house my kilns and torching area, it has a window above the sink and a door.

The larger room will have double doors into the garden and a window. It will be fitted out with the old drawers and cupboards that came out when we had the bedroom done.

The woodwork lying on the ground is the partition wall, it has an access hatch as we decided there was room for a mezzanine storage area for things like bubble wrap rolls and cardboard boxes, which seem to take up so much space.


Who needs Kevin or George when I have Colin and Stuart who have made a fantastic start on my studio.


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One Response to The studio is going up!

  1. Helen says:

    Looks fantastic! And big 😀

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