Win some, lose some

I’m doing some work for a bar, the interior designer will be mounting some flattened beer bottles.

One of the bottles looked like stone but I thought it was fired on enamel as it didn’t scratch off. I found out the hard way when I fired it that it wasn’t enamel, when  I could smell an awful burning plastic smell.

So I was very apprehensive when I opened the kiln this morning, this is what greeted me .

Fortunately nothing else was damaged. Here it is after cleaning it up a bit, not good

But fortunately the other melted beer bottles look great, and they can always send me an alternative bottle if need be.
Flattened beer bottles


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3 Responses to Win some, lose some

  1. Judy Jaussaud says:

    Personally, Jill…I think the look of that beer bottle is quite interesting. Hopefully others will too! I’m pretty sure you’ll find SOMETHING to do with it…you are SO creative!

  2. marci blattenberger says:

    I agree with Judy . I like the look too, especially that cool bubbled section around the neck. In the photos it looks like it has a kind of blue-grey iridescence .

  3. eganj1 says:

    actually quite a lot of people have said they liked it and it found a new home, only it got broken when it went into the recycle bin. Well I know next time not to be so hasty in throwing out the rejects

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