Chateau Latour melted bottle, and other French wine cellar classics.

Chateau Latour flattened bottleI do get to flatten some very famous and expensive wine bottles such as Chateau Latour. Last week I melted a Mouton Rothshchild bottle,  my curiosity was piqued so I looked it up to find it was 4000 Euros. I may get to sniff the empties, (not that I want to btw), but I’m curious to know a bit more about these expensive wines. I don’t think I’ll ever get to taste one but I can read up and find out a bit more about them.
Chateau Latour melted bottle

Chateau Latour and Mouton Rothschild, as well as the flat bottles pictured below are all French wines from the Bordeaux region of Paulliac. Apparently wines from Bordeaux are either awful or very very good and I think this is reflected in the price.

I’ve been searching online to read up on Chateau Latour tasting notes, it’s described as tannic, black and red berries, cassis and blackberry, terroir ( which means a little more than just earthy),  and with notes of leather, hints of tar and lead pencil!

So here are a few pictures from this week’s work, and as Withnail said “Bring me your finest wines!”

Chateau Leoville Barton hanging bottleChateau Gruaud Larose flattened bottleChateau Feytit-Clinet melted bottle
Chateau Branaire squashed bottle
Chateau Gruaud Larose flat bottle
Chateau Lynch- Moussas pressed bottlei
Chateau Montrose flat bottle
Chateau Talbot melted bottleOne thing I do know is that these classic French wines all have sediment in the bottles that’s really difficult to clean out!

Click on the images to find out more about having your own wine bottle flattened.


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