Adult evening classes and a healthier Lamb Rogan Josh

Lamb rogan josh made healthier, and evening classes.

I was thinking this morning about adult evening classes; my mother used to teach them, her dressmaking classes were really popular in the 70’s and 80’s she worked 5 nights a week, and some nights she had 2 classes. Now so many schools and colleges are closing these classes down. It seems that if a course doesn’t offer a certificate or qualification at the end of it then it’s not valued. Personally I think this is sad, I loved all the adult ed classes that I took, and as an advocate for life long learning I can say I truly value the skills I learned, and some served as the foundation stones for where I am today with my art and craft. I started adult ed before I’d even left school, I think my mother’s boss pulled some strings as I wanted to learn Cordon Bleu cooking.

rogan joshOne of the classes I took was an Indian cookery class and as you can see by this recipe it has been well used over the years. I have since altered the recipe to suit my own taste, I now make a more healthy version which uses a lot less oil. It’s still very delicious and a lot healthier than takeaways.

I thought it was time to make a new copy of the recipe so I’ve written and uploaded my own version Healthy Rogan Josh recipe here. I wish you could smell this curry, maybe you should make it for yourself, it’s one of my favourite curries.
healthy rogan josh curry



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One Response to Adult evening classes and a healthier Lamb Rogan Josh

  1. Sue Reynolds says:

    Brilliant recipe, thanks Jill 🙂

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