Painting a concrete floor

I haven’t painted a concrete floor before and I was very surprised to find out how quick and easy it was. The floor is new, but dry and very sound so all I had to do was sweep it, then mop over with a damp mop and allow to dry before painting.

I used Crown Trade concrete floor paint which was on offer at £18 a tin, but normally £36. I preferred another make which had more colours to choose from but at £47, and considering I’m over spent on the build now I decided on the cheaper Crown paint in a sort of slate grey.

The first coat was thinned with white spirit , this coat is just to seal the floor, I cut in the edges with a brush then OH used a roller on a long handle to paint the floor, it was done in no time and the colour looks better than I’d expected.

The paint dries really quickly, and a second coat has finished the job off. I’m really impressed with how easy it was to paint the floor.

painted concrete floor

Tomorrow we are painting the ceiling and walls, then the fun begins painting cupboards and other bits of furniture. I’m still waiting for the builders to come back and put on the skirting boards, door and sink.  But I’m going to have to move in as I need to start working again by the beginning of September at the latest, I can’t wait!



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