Getting distressed with Annie Sloan paint

If you read my last post you will know I’m reusing the old orange pine bedroom cupboards in the studio, they just fit nicely along the back wall.
studio cupboards
P1160261Here they are before painting, very 80’s orange pine.

I’ve heard a lot about Annie Sloan paint but I haven’t used it before. I did look at other paints but the advantages of the Annie Sloan paint sold it to me.

No sanding or undercoating and one coat is enough. It dries really fast too. The website has some great videos showing how easy it is to use the chalk paints.

Here’s a drawer with one coat of paint, the colour is Provence, it’s gorgeous don’t you think.
annie sloan paint before

And here it is after waxing with clear wax, sanding and waxing again, I love the effect.

annie sloan paint after sanding and waxing

Cupboard doors, before and after waxing and sanding.


The cupboards are now fitted and the tops pieced together and painted ready for waxing and sanding, and waxing again tomorrow. These are recycled cupboards and I didn’t want to buy a new top so it’s joined with metal plates underneath, then filled with wood filler along the crack before painting. The joins are still visible but it all adds to the charm.


The technique is very easy but I’m unsure how well it would work on a melamine surface, it would definitely need sanding. I know because the paint that I accidentally got on the inside surfaces washed off very easily.

I have more tins of paint and more pieces of furniture, I’ll show you pictures eventually but I hope to start work again on Monday so furniture painting may have to wait a while.


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2 Responses to Getting distressed with Annie Sloan paint

  1. Carol Korros says:

    Your studio is fantastic and I love the cabinets!

  2. eganj1 says:

    Thanks, I love it , I’m just about moved in ready for work tomorrow

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