A feel of Autumn in the air.

P1160298This morning had that feeling that tells you Autumn is on it’s way. It was a misty start to the day but now it’s got a bit brighter and the sun is trying it’s best, but it’s a watery light. A typical Autumn day that I love.

P1160310 I love the Autumn sunshine through the trees in my garden. And the long shadows at this time of year.


My apples are ready for picking so it’s time to go foraging for blackberries , sloes and bullaces in the hedgerow rows, if I ever get a minute .


The swallows are still here, I look for them evey morning but it won’t be long now before the head off to warmer pastures, that always leaves me feeling a little down as the dark days will be coming. This year I plan on spending the winter in the studio doing what I like best, being creative in some way. Today was my first day working in there and the kiln is having it’s first firing.


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2 Responses to A feel of Autumn in the air.

  1. lzzybeads says:

    A beautiful morning. I notice the changing of the season its both beautiful and slightly depressing as the sunshine dips below the horizon and you know that long dark nights are coming, hope you make sunshine in your gorgeous studio this winter 🙂

  2. eganj1 says:

    Yes you have it right Laney, beautiful and ominous. I hope we get crisp frosty days this winter, the wet and windy ones are so depressing

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