What to make with leftover olives?

I had some olives and cherry tomatoes left over from a photo shoot and as I had little time for cooking I decided a quick pasta sauce was the order of the day.
This sauce can be made from store cupboard staples but the addition of some fresh herbs and cherry tomatoes just freshens it a bit.

Heat a glug of olive oil and add a couple of chopped garlic cloves, heat gently to soften then throw in a tin of chopped tomatoes, some dried herbs, I chose thyme. Add some chopped pitted black olives, and a chopped chilli.

Add seasoning and some water if necessary and let it simmer for a few minutes while you cook your pasta. Then blitz with a hand blender, adjust the seasoning to taste, I added some lemon juice, a teaspoon of sugar and more black pepper. Then add some chopped cherry tomatoes and parsley or basil and warm through before stirring into the drained pasta.


I had some sauce left over for the next day, it was very good over salmon with new potatoes and green beans.


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