Busy, busy!

It’s nearly two weeks since I started working in the studio, it’s been hectic as it’s quite untidy in there, I’m waiting for OH to fit shelving but he has been painting the outside of the house while the weather has been good so I’m being patient.

I made a some speckled coasters of which I don’t seem to have any photos but I do have photo’s of these recycled glass Christmas decorations, they just need a pretty ribbon and they are finished. I have a lot more in the process of being finished.

I had the use of my little Paragon SC3 first so I made some dichroic pendants, these are waiting for bails.

P1160755So are these fused glass pendants, there are a lot more waiting to be ground and refired.

P1160756I had a bit of a play with my new cutters, making ceramic Christmas decorations, these are destined to be brooches and cards once glazed.

P1160759And I made some more cow parsley pebble coasters, drying these so they stay flat and don’t crack around the edges has been a bit of an issue.

I wonder if it’s a problem with bone china clay, as these stoneware pebbles haven’t cracked at all. I do think some small cracks will add to the ‘fossil ‘ look  that I’m after . Lets hope they fire ok.


These stoneware pebbles will have glazes that look like stone.

More Christmas decs, I think the crinkly one will be destined for my own Christmas tree.


I had a day last week that was a challenge to say the least, some coasters not going to plan, so I had a change of plan. I am fascinated with interfaces, where land meets sky, or sea meets sky, especially when the demarcation between the two is rather vague. I’m happy the way these landscape coasters turned out in the end, I think they look brighter here than they are in reality, think more Northern weather.P1160763

The only problem when painting is knowing when to stop, I love the abstract qualities of these landscapes so I’m trying to resist doing anything more.


These are a new line too, running hare coasters, I can’t decide if I like the silvery hare or the copper hare best, I might have to do both.



Cow parsley on iridised glass, I can’t decide coasters or little pictures for these.P1160749

I have glass wildlife pieces in the kiln now, and lustreware drying, to be fired tomorrow so all in all it’s been a productive 13 days. Now my china has arrived I have some custom orders to paint before finishing this lot off for the Christmas market but today I get a day off to do a bit of gardening!



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3 Responses to Busy, busy!

  1. Jean Thatcher says:

    you sure have been busy, very nice pcs jean thatcher

  2. Veronica Roth says:

    Gosh, that’s all so wonderful! I was going to tell you how much I loved the little wren on the glass ornament, but then I scrolled down to the caw parsley tiles, and then the abstract gardens…oh my gosh, I love them all. Very well done Jill! 😀

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