What the stats tell me

Do you take the time to view your blog or website statistics? It’s quite amazing what you can learn from them, for example I know someone who is currently ‘Down Under’ is avidly reading my blog.

Looking at blog stats and the countries I’ve reached has become a bit of a fixation, most of my readers are in the USA, but I’ve had views from 138 countries, that really thrills me to bits. Some of these countries I have hardly heard of, or know anything about, Vanuatu, Myanmar, where are they? Then there are exotic dream holiday destinations, St Lucia and the Cayman Islands, places I can only dream of, but someone there knows about my little blog. My blog has travelled further than I’m ever likely to, I love the fact my ‘passions’ have reached out to such a wide, and hopefully interested audience.

I can also see which posts and pages get the most views, its my overglaze painting pages, maybe I should start charging. Also “a few drawings under the bed” seems to strike a chord with readers, so many people coming to my blog are searching the web for “onion drawings“, who would have thought it. The most used search term is “fused glass tutorials“, which brings me on to my Youtube stats. My little video on how to make a recycled glass dish has had over 50, 000 views, I find that hard to get my head around.

black and white doodle mug

zentangle mug

Etsy stats are very helpful in seeing how sales are going, what search terms potential customers are using, my black and white zentangle mug has had the most page views.

But the hare tea plate has had the most likes. Of course this doesn’t necessarily mean these are the best sellers, these are repeat items and therefore more likely to have had more views than one off pieces. Looking at the graphs for revenue and sales I can see at a glance that things are much the same as last year.


handpainted plate

hare tea plate

Of course I have all my websites set up with Google Analytics, I haven’t looked at those stats for a while but they are very informative too, and a great tool for monitoring how sites are doing on the web. I am no expert at reading the statistics, ( I know a man that is, my DH, I just need to get him interested) but I do find it all very intriguing, and if you haven’t looked at your stats in a while go and check them out, there may be a few surprises in store.


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One Response to What the stats tell me

  1. akismet-91ec0604edd9972251e8773e05ef8c76 says:

    Yes, it’s really important to check your stats when blogging, especially check what key words or tags are bringing them to your blog, then you can address that criteria in following posts to build a bigger following.

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