Monday’s natter

Well it feels like Autumn this morning, you would think someone has flicked a switch, it’s bucketing down and really windy, typical weather for this time of year. So it’s time to get out the winter woollies, I’ve been looking at patterns for sock slippers, but I may be getting ahead of myself there.

October is probably my busiest month of the year from a making point of view, I have an event which runs for the month of November and I haven’t done much making over the summer as the builders took far longer than expected. I’ve now had a month working in my studio, I’ve had to pull out all the stops , plan kiln loads, and production carefully firing 3 kilns daily. Dear knows what the electric bill will be like, but on the positive side the studio has been very warm, warmer than the house so I’ve an incentive to head up the garden path in my jimjams every morning to unload the kilns. Some mornings I wake up early and I have to get up as the thought of all those goodies waiting to be revealed makes me feel like a small child on Christmas morning. Opening the kiln is still a great buzz for me.

I got a surprise yesterday when I went into the studio, the door had rained in and I had a puddle to mop up. Luckily (or unluckily) the window fitters are coming today to replace the bedroom windows. It’s typical, they have had 3 months of sunshine to do them but weather has now changed, fingers crossed the rain passes quickly.

I haven’t been out much this month, apart from going to the gym, I’m determined to get my mile time down by the turn of the year, who would have thought it, I’m hooked on the treadmill. Anyway I’m digressing, I am heading off to paint something today, my OH can deal with the window fitters if they turn up today but somehow I have my doubts, but I don’t mind looking at the weather.


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3 Responses to Monday’s natter

  1. Annie Nowak says:

    Lovely weather isn’t it and the ideal excuse for spending the day in the studio, I have my coffee and music so I’m raring to go.

    • eganj1 says:

      I’ve just come in Annie, I’ve got a lot done this morning. It’s 2.30 and the window fitters have just arrived. Fortunately the rain has stopped

  2. Typhoon Phanfone:
    Yesterday it rained all day, went to work, came straight home. This morning woke at 7:30am. Sounded like a hurricane outside. Went back to bed. Work cancelled. 10:30am. still dark, still the same. 12:20pm the silence was loud, could make out a bird twittering and blue in the cloud in places. 12:40pm birds going nuts, hot and sunny. Tomorrow will probably be scorching. I don’t envy you and the winter.

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