My crochet progress, or not!

This crochet business has been proving a bit of a challenge, firstly I was over ambitious in my choice of pattern, it was for gorgeous hexagonal granny squares, if that’s the right term maybe granny hexagons is more correct.

Youtube search for a mixture of left handed crochet terms came up with some interesting videos, some helpful, some adding to my confusion, apparently a double crochet in the UK  is not the same as a double crochet in the USA.

Then I had an idea and downloaded a left handed crochet book to my Kindle, and found a  simple granny square, but somehow I’ve gone horribly wrong and I will have to start over again, this was something I had anticipated so I hadn’t cut the yarn.

On the positive side I have managed to hold the yarn in the proper fashion, but my tensioning could be better.

So this is my feeble attempt before I pulled it out.

My aim  for the next square is to get 12 d c in the first round and 24 in the next. Then 4 evenly spaced corners which would be a major improvement ha ha! More later.


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5 Responses to My crochet progress, or not!

  1. Looks pretty good to me Jill.
    I’ve never mastered crochet, I can knit and follow a knitting pattern but crochet has me completely baffled.
    Best of luck with your project, I’ll look forward to progress reports.

  2. lzzybeads says:

    Not looking too bad to me Jill. Try doing your Granny Square with just one colour so you are not faffing with changing wool and altering tension, crochet is a lot about tension and even spaces for rows and corners, I was going to post an update on my blog about this poncho I have been crocheting, I am not the fastest hooker in the book but I do enjoy crochet, I will show you a close up of the squares. x

  3. eganj1 says:

    I am getting there eventually, my pile of squares is growing

  4. Well done for persevering, I’m sure the end product will be beautiful. I don’t get on with knitting and never tried crochet!

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