Making ciabatta is a very sticky business

ciabatta making

I love making bread but I’ve never attempted a ciabatta before. You have to make a starter with yeast, flour and water. You can see how bubbly it is after a night proving in the fridge.

starter after proving overnight

P1160798The starter is added to the other ingredients, it’s a gloopy mess, I used the electric mixer, I couldn’t see a way of hand kneading without adding more flour.


P1160816Here it is after proving, it was well risen.  Now the recipe says cut the dough in half using a dough scraper and scoop out half the dough onto a well floured tray. So far so good but this task was just about impossible, I cut it in two with a fish slice, but the dough was so wet the cut was healing, and there was no way it would scoop out  so I had to quickly tip the dough out onto the tray. A third hand would have been helpful as I had to wrestle with the rest of the dough or it would have all ended up on the tray,  just think of that day glow goo stuff the kids used to play with. Eventually I got it on the trays and managed to tuck the edges under and make a fairly reasonable shape. At this point I was feeling rather smug with myself. Now a final proving.

P1160818And then they were baked, the smell was amazing, we waited in anticipation, olives and sun dried tomatoes waiting.

P1160826Doesn’t ciabatta mean slipper in Italian? Mine look like slippers……… for a Yeti with odd feet.

P1160827The holes don’t look big enough to me, and it was a bit heavy, maybe not proved enough me thinks. Also the bread had that slightly rubbery texture that you get when you prove overnight, not as light as I’d expected but the true test was in the tasting, OH loved them and they didn’t last very long at all.



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3 Responses to Making ciabatta is a very sticky business

  1. katnewman says:

    Fresh bread, what’s not to love? 😉 Yumm!

  2. Julia Hay says:

    That looks lovely. and I can just imagine the smell!

  3. lzzybeads says:

    Ummm not tried Ciabatta, looks delicious 😉

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