Look what came out of the kiln this morning

I did a ceramic firing yesterday and I was looking forward to opening the kiln this morning to see how everything came out. The Christmas decs and the cow parsley coasters on the top batt were fine, at least the coasters hadn’t cracked or warped.

The second batt had a glazed pebble coaster, these glazes are new so I had no real idea of how it would turn out, that’s the thing with glazes, you never know ’til you fire that clay glaze combination. I didn’t really expect a green colour, but the rest of the Christmas decs looked fine.

The third batt had more experiments with glazes on pebble coasters, these do look more like pebbles .

The 4th batt was a surprise, I expected a beige from a glaze called travertine but not this rather yukky colour, oh well you win some, you lose some.



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4 Responses to Look what came out of the kiln this morning

  1. Jolene says:

    loving the pebble coasters Jill

  2. Julia Hay says:

    Loving those pebbles! All of them.

  3. eganj1 says:

    Julia when I get a minute I will finish them off

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