Now there are 30!

I think I have got the hang of making the Granny squares now, it’s only taken me 45 to 50 years but I do have patience in abundance.Ha ha!

I don’t know how many it will take to make a blanket, I thought 60 would be enough but twice the size of 30 isn’t very big at all.  I wonder how far my yarn will go, I shall weigh the squares and remaining yarn and guestimate.

I’ve set a goal to make 60 by the end of the month, so I’ll be happy if I get there.  There’s a lot of winter evenings ahead to make more squares.


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4 Responses to Now there are 30!

  1. lzzybeads says:

    Ummm hate to burst that blanket bubble, I made 100…yes…100 squares approx. 12cms squared, to make the poncho, which is probably almost a half of a blanket. Great squares though, keep going……

  2. Anita Mistry says:

    hehehe go with the cushions idea 🙂 The good thing about crochet is you can fit it into your pocket and take it with you when you’re out and about and do a little here and there,

  3. eganj1 says:

    I think it may well be cushions, i don’t think I can afford the yarn that a blanket will take

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