Drying herbs in the microwave

P1160305I’ve loads of lovely herbs in the garden this year due to the warm summer. I love using fresh herbs but it’s a good idea to have some dried ones as well , for those days it’s to wet and windy to want to venture out to pick fresh herbs.


These bay leaves have been placed on kitchen paper then they are microwaved with a blast of a minute at a time, and here they are when they are dried. Some did crackle a bit and have eruptions on the surface, probably due to moisture but they are still ok to use.


Sage leaves getting the same treatment. They don’t take long, only about a minute on full power. Keep watching them as there is a risk of the paper catching fire so don’t walk away.P1160355

And after drying.P1160357

Dried rosemaryP1160360

Soft herbs are better chopped and frozen, this is mint in an ice cube tray with a drop of water. I will add these to curries and spicy stews.drying herbs


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