Monday’s natter – The last roses of summer, new socks and Blogging 201!

It’s definitely feeling like Autumn now, the trees are losing their leaves and it’s getting chilly in the evenings. We lit the log burner for the first time last week. But the watery sun has been giving it’s best shot at pretending summer hasn’t quite gone yet, and so have my roses.

It’s time to get out the socks and keep my feet warm, I don’t like wearing slippers. So I was browsing Etsy the other day in search of woollen socks and I found a lovely shop called Knitogethersox I fell in love with all the gorgeous hand knitted socks in Julie’s shop, so I ordered myself a pair.

The socks arrived really quickly and they are stunning, beautifully made, and they were beautifully packaged too, they would make a lovely gift.

They are a perfect fit too, thank you Julie.

I’ve also signed up for WordPress Blogging 201 which starts today, I wonder where that will take me. More later!

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3 Responses to Monday’s natter – The last roses of summer, new socks and Blogging 201!

  1. Tomcat says:

    love the roses and wow those socks – awesome, I think I know a lady or two here who will agree with me !

  2. lzzybeads says:

    Beautiful roses, my favourite is the big blousey English Roses like that 🙂 Fab socks and great shop!

  3. Julia Hay says:

    Love the socks. I tried knitting myself a pair once but unfortunately I found I suffer from SSS, second sock syndrome, and couldn’t complete the pair. Might have to check out the shop.

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