My crochet progress

Thanks for the input yesterday, I will be keeping the same blog theme. I tried updating the font and button colour but apparently you need the paid version to do that so it will be staying the same for now. I will make a new fresher banner when I have time.

Now my crochet progress……..

Well I’ve run out of yarn, I managed to get 48 squares made, I thought I’d have half a blanket but when I laid them out it’s more like quarter of a blanket.
2014-10-17 13.17.59

I don’t really want to spend £120 on a blanket ( my fault for loving natural fibres) so I’ve had a change of plan and I’m going to make cushions, well the front of some cushions to be more precise. The problem is I need 50 squares and I’ve 48, so I’ve managed to squeeze out 2 more centres from the yarn left over, so now I only need to buy one more colour to finish them and crochet the squares together, I’ve chosen the dark blue and ordered a couple of balls. Watch this space!
2014-10-17 13.18.16

P.S. I’ve ordered some yarn to make a poncho too 🙂



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