Chelsea bun revival

There was a time when I used to make Chelsea buns on a regular basis, I loved the soft bread and the sweet buttery currants inside,  I would top them off with a glace icing. I thought it was time to give them a revival and try and make them more heart healthy.

I got the basic recipe from a cookbook, but here’s Paul Hollywood’s recipe if you want to try them.

So here’s my dough before and after proving.P1160806


I’ve made a lot of heart healthy cakes where the butter is substituted with stewed apples so that’s what I did, and I omitted the sugar from the filling, but I did add cinnamon.

Once the filling is spread on the rolled out dough you roll it up like a swiss roll.


Then slice into catherine wheels and then leave to prove.


This is how mine came out of the oven, they won’t win any prizes. I glazed them with a brush of runny honey.P1160819

The perfect tea time treat.P1160822

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4 Responses to Chelsea bun revival

  1. Sue Reynolds says:

    That’s it, I’m moving in! Start decorating my room Jill 😀

  2. lzzybeads says:

    I don’t have a problem sharing with Sue!!

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