I did it!

Yes I’m sitting here feeling a little pleased with myself, firstly I made it to the end of Blogtoberfest. Thank you Shells in the bush for hosting this month long blog challenge.

I am even more pleased at my new cushion, if you remember back to Day 1 of Blogtoberfest I set myself the task of learning how to crochet left handed, it’s taken me 50 years or so but I can now hold the yarn correctly . I’m happy that I’ve beaten my nemesis into submission, my Gran would be very happy, she had the patience of a saint but I never quite grasped it.

I was inspired to have another go when looking at a gorgeous blog I follow called Attic24. Lucy has an amazing eye for colour, and her blog is very inspirational so pop over if you haven’t been there already.

So realising I had to start at the beginning I downloaded a basic left handed crochet book and I set to work , but it didn’t go to plan and I was about to end up with a 3 cornered square. Determination is my middle name, I persevered and I may not have produced a blanket but I do have a rather gorgeous cushion.
crochet cushion

Now I’m going to take a break from the laptop and crochet a poncho, click to download the free pattern from Drops Design.

Thanks to all who have dropped by and read my blog this past month, and all my new followers, and also thanks for all your comments, it’s nice to have feedback. Now I’m sounding a bit like the Oscars LOL!


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Obsession making arts crafts, and all things creative
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4 Responses to I did it!

  1. Carol Korros says:

    Congratulations for completing Blog to be rest ANDROID your cushion! I’ve enjoyed following you.

  2. Anita Mistry says:

    WOOO congratulations on getting the crochet pieces made up the cushion looks fantastic and i love the colours you’ve used. Also well done on completing #blogtoberfest14 🙂 Anita

  3. Love the finished cushion. Looks like a great match for your floor tiles.

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